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Holladay Journal

JadaPay is a credit card processing company (an ISO) and one of the benefits that makes us very different from other companies is that we are one of only 17 Tier 1 ISO's in the country. JadaPay is a Veteran owned company and we do everything in house and can sell our services for wholesale, so those savings are passed on to our customers.

Here are a few key benefits in working directly with us:

- No contracts. Ever! - No nonsense wholesale rates - Free standard equipment for life of business that is Apple Pay and Google Pay ready - We do a bi-annual review of your account to ensure you are getting the best rates and best pricing available - We don't have crazy fee increases, any hidden fees, or fees with crazy codes next to them - Learn how to save up to 100% on your processing fees - Terminals available for EVERY kind business, including wireless systems.

Please call for more information and general questions on how we can help lower your monthly processing fees.

Dean Hardy

Regional Account Manager

(801) 860-1412

[email protected]