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City of Holladay welcomes Arts and Cultural Manager Megan Attermann

Jan 05, 2024 10:24AM ● By Collette Hayes

Megan Attermann brings knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the role of Arts and Cultural Manager for the city of Holladay. (Collette Hayes/City Journals)

Megan Attermann brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the role of Arts and Cultural Manager for the city of Holladay. Serving in the role of staff liaison for the Holladay Arts Council and Holladay Historical Commission, Attermann’s extensive background in the performing arts and in community leadership will provide support to both organizations and their initiatives. 

A Holladay resident, Attermann attended Bonneville Jr. High School and Cottonwood High School. She attended the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts with a minor in English. With the goal to do creative work with a purpose, she attended Westminster College and received a Master of Arts degree in Community Leadership with an emphasis in Arts and Cultural Leadership.

“My grandfather was an artist. This was my first understanding that art could be something you could make a living doing,” Attermann said. “In junior high school I narrowed in on performing arts being something that I loved to do. I attended Shakespeare camps at the Utah Shakespeare Festival, and I was involved with the drama program at Cottonwood High School.”

After completing her degree at the University of Puget Sound, Attermann returned to Utah and worked on theatrical projects for the Salt Lake Acting Company and the Grand Theatre. Moving into the backstage of theatre performance, she received an artist teaching internship at the Lexington Children’s Theatre in Kentucky. It was through this experience she gained an understanding of the administrative world of art which motivated her to pursue a graduate degree in community leadership. 

Prior to accepting the role as Arts and Cultural Manager for the city of Holladay, Attermann held the position of Grants and Communications Director for the nonprofit organization Arts Space. Also, she has worked for Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts & Parks where she gained an understanding of the broad scope of the arts happening in the community. It was this experience where she first learned of local art agencies like the Holladay Arts Council. 

“I was on the Holladay Arts Council last year, and I received a good introduction to the wide variety of programming that is offered by the council during the year,” Attermann said. “There is an amazing group of people on the Arts Council and on the Historical Commission who are willing to offer hours and hours of volunteer service in order to create programming which contributes to making Holladay a great place to live. I think there is a lot of opportunity in the future to collaborate with additional partners on initiatives even within our own city.”

According to Attermann bringing the combination of history and art into one professional role is a brilliant idea. 

“I think history is like the DNA of our community. It’s where we come from and makes us who we are. Art is the heart of the community and what keeps us going,” Attermann said. “As part of my day-to-day job, I have the opportunity to talk about both history and art and support people who are doing amazing things. I see art as beyond something that is beautiful and enriches lives. I see it as a tool to connect us in very meaningful ways to achieve our goals as a city and community.” 

Attermann plans to continue and support all of the wonderful programs the Arts Council and the Historical Commission have created, organized and sponsored in the past—programs such as the Blue Moon Festival, Summer Concert Series, Historical Commission Speaker Series and History Night to name a few.

“I’m really thrilled to be the Arts and Cultural Manager for the city of Holladay. It’s really a dream come true to be here,” Attermann said. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve, and I’m always open to hearing people’s ideas and suggestions for our community and our programming.” 

Attermann can be contacted for questions, suggestions and ideas at: [email protected]  λ