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Spa Trouvé provides services and opportunities for women

Aug 08, 2023 03:54PM ● By Peri Kinder

Courtney Anderson opened her first Spa Trouvé in Orem in 2011, and 12 years later she’s built an award-winning medical services spa empire. (Photo courtesy of Courtney Anderson)

Walk into any of the six Spa Trouvé locations in Utah and you’ll know you’re not in a traditional salon. With glow signs, fuchsia chairs, leopard rugs and recessed neon lighting, the brand is loud, proud and founded on the owner’s passion for beauty and science.

Courtney Anderson opened her first Spa Trouvé in Orem in 2011, and 12 years later she’s built an award-winning medical services spa empire with additional locations in Draper, Bountiful, St. George, Saratoga Springs and Highland.

 The BYU graduate, podcast host and business mentor is a motivated and driven leader with an infectious personality who kind of fell into the medical spa business.

“I had always loved the beauty industry, but I'd also gone to BYU and I had a science degree,” Anderson said. “I liked that [a med spa] combined both worlds. We have the science behind the treatments along with the beauty aspect. So it wasn't just hair and nails and pampering but it was progressive.”

 One of her biggest challenges is the constant transition of employees. Her spa technicians are usually women between the ages of 18 and 25 and often leave when they get married or have children. She encourages her employees to retain their skills and certifications, and even work part time in order to stay connected to the industry.

She also encourages her employees to have the conversation with their partners about working out of the home. Anderson offers flexible schedules to allow women the opportunity to use their skills, make some money, and have time out of the home after they become mothers.

“My true belief is that all women should have a part-time job, even if it's very part-time, just so they have an outlet and a safe place. Being at home…can be very daunting and mentally challenging,” Anderson said. “I think a lot more women could have a dream…if they had more of that support from their husbands. I do believe women are really, really great at supporting their husbands in general…but I think it can be a little bit more challenging to have men flip their mindset.”

As an elite provider of medical spa services, Spa Trouvé offers skincare treatments, including Botox, microneedling and chemical peels. The spa also does CoolSculpting, laser hair removal and other high-end services.

Anderson is grateful to Comcast Business for supporting her entrepreneurial journey. She said Comcast representative Derek Birch has been a responsive and excellent partner as she created an effective communication system that helped unify her six locations, which includes a 500mbps Comcast Business Internet connection, Comcast Business VoiceEdge and Select solutions. The technology from Comcast Business helps her manage operations at her training facility, as well as her office and front desk areas.

"We are incredibly proud to have played a significant role in Courtney’s inspiring entrepreneurial journey,” Birch said. “Her unwavering dedication to excellence has culminated in the successful establishment of Spa Trouvé across six locations in Utah.

 “As a company that values innovation and customer satisfaction, we were honored to provide the necessary communications equipment and services that fueled her business growth.”

Described as the “Nordstrom of medical spas” by Anderson and her clients, Spa Trouvé is a woman-owned business success story in Utah and a leading example for medical spas around the country. Trouvé means “to find” and the spa’s tagline “Find your glow” reminds women they deserve to be pampered, beautiful and radiant.

 “I think something that really helps us stand out is we just aren't that waterfall, muted, typical spa,” Anderson said. “We are a prominent med spa in the state. We employ over 100 women and three LGBTQ men…You will remember Spa Trouvé when you walk in. It’s just very vibrant.”

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