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Administrations change in Holladay schools for 2022-23

Sep 03, 2022 01:15PM ● By Heather Lawrence

By Heather Lawrence | [email protected]

Several Holladay area students saw new faces in administration when they returned for the 2022-23 school year. Most changes were announced in the spring at the April board meeting. They took effect July 1. Here is a summary of what changed.

Cottonwood High School

Terri Roylance, principal of Cottonwood High School retired in the spring. In an interview with Julie Slama of the City Journals, Roylance said, “I just loved my time at Cottonwood. I worked with the best people and had the best kids there. I will miss the people very, very much, there are no regrets.”

Roylance had been principal since 2015 and worked in Granite District for 15 years. She oversaw big changes in student body numbers and demographics when ninth grade moved into Cottonwood. The school is very diverse and she worked to create a culture of inclusion.

Cottonwood High’s new principal is Mike Douglas. Douglas comes from a district position as Elementary Director of School Leadership and Improvement.

Josh Bates who was working at Cottonwood as an intern assistant principal filled a position as assistant principal. Bates replaced Chris Jones who transferred to Hunter Jr. High.

Olympus High School

Assistant principal Ryan Shaw transferred from Olympus High to Evergreen Jr. High where he is the new principal.

Jordan Kjar is now an assistant principal at Olympus. He comes from a position at Taylorsville High.

Olympus Jr. High

Assistant principal Johnny Matich has been transferred to Kearns High School.

Jami Hutchins, who was previously an assistant principal at Taylorsville High, replaced Matich.

Evergreen Jr. High

Principal Wes Cutler was transferred from Evergreen and appointed principal at Eisenhower Jr. High.

Evergreen’s new principal is Ryan Shaw who had been at Olympus High.

Bonneville Jr. High

Assistant principal Kirby Bauer retired. Bauer had worked in Granite District for 22 years.

Bauer’s position was filled by Amy Haider. Haider was previously an intern assistant principal at Jefferson Jr. High.

Churchill Jr. High School

Matt Schelble is a new assistant principal at Churchill Jr. High School. Schelble had previously been assigned to Hunter Jr. High.

Schelble replaced Charlie Peterson, who was transferred to Taylorsville High.

Spring Lane Elementary School

Principal Afton Lambson was given a new assignment as an assistant principal at Taylorsville High School.

Spring Lane’s new principal is Kip Carlsen. Carlsen had previously worked as an assistant principal at Jefferson Jr. High.

For a complete list of Granite School District administrators who retired, or were transferred or appointed to new schools, see the minutes of the April 13 Board Meeting on