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Holladay Journal

Skaters implore council for lights at skate park

Aug 03, 2022 03:17PM ● By Travis Barton

Council meetings can often see residents come voice concerns on any number of topics whether it’s speeding, noise or the future of a property that was once a mall. 

Those residents are often adults. 

But at the July Holladay City Council meeting, five young teenagers who skate regularly at the recently opened skate park next to city hall, came to request the council consider putting lights at the skatepark so it could stay open later. 

The skaters come from Holladay, Millcreek and Cottonwood Heights and were accompanied by Jack Parker, who is part of a nonprofit called Utah Skatepark Advocacy Group which looks to support Utah communities in expanding access to quality and safe skateparks. 

After the five teens requested the council approve putting lights at the park, Parker told the council that due to the “awesome growth” of the park, having lights would allow more people “a chance to skate.”

He added they would follow park hours or meet normal noise ordinance hours. 

Parker also said they are prepared to get community support with skate shops and other professionals to help raise funds to do so. 

Mayor Rob Dahle explained it wouldn’t be a money discussion but a policy discussion. He made plans to meet with Parker and get the topic on the council agenda in the near future. 

Parker said part of his organization’s responsibility is working with kids about how to clean and take care of the skate park. It helps “foster a better relationship between our community and those who helped pay for it,” he said. 

Parker pointed out that he recently stepped back for six weeks and in the intervening time, the kids began cleaning the skate park and adjacent city park fields as well as confronting friends to not trash the park. 

“I’m thrilled we have an organization that cares about making sure these remain family venues and commitment from those using it to make sure it’s nice and cleaned up,” Dahle said. 

Dahle intended to meet with Parker and begin the process.  λ