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Holladay Journal

City officials looking for resident feedback

Aug 03, 2022 03:15PM ● By Travis Barton

In an effort to gather more feedback from city residents, city officials have identified two methods they intend to use to gauge public sentiment. 

The city will send out a survey to residents likely in September with a report those results expected in December. 

Likewise, Mayor Rob Dahle said they should begin doing town halls again. Whether with an individual councilmember and their given district or a combination of two councilmembers. 

“I love to sit in on those and listen to what is going on in individual districts, what’s on their mind, what’s good or not good, things to be concerned about,” he said during the July city council meeting. 

Dahle said the fall would be the ideal time to do them, though city staff suggested doing town halls after the survey report, which would push them to early 2023. 

He said it’s a great way to “get feedback” and see “how people feel about the direction the city is going in and any common concerns among the residents we’re not aware of.”  λ