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Phunk Fit class elevates peoples’ energy with dance

Dec 09, 2021 03:07PM ● By Linda Steele

Dance makes people feel good. (Photo courtesy Cski Studios)

By Linda Steele | [email protected]

How about a cardio class with soul? 

That’s what Sarah Reesor offers as the creator and owner of Phunk Fit, an inclusive cardio dance class has been around since 2016. 

Reesor, a Holladay resident, is passionate about helping people find a place to dance and have freedom of expression. “Phunk Fit is an ongoing cardio class that focuses on the five elements: musicality, style, progression, repetition and HIIT. It’s a total body workout, while giving the freedom to move your way and reconnect with your soul,” Reesor said. 

“When you go to dance fitness class expect an hour of ongoing cardiovascular exercise with choreography that’s created for everyone to learn and make your own. You are given the freedom and emphasis to take up space and dance your way in Phunk Fit. We have free flow, which is brief moments of freestyle/intuitive movement dancing in class. It’s an all- encompassing experience,” Ressor said. 

Ressor has danced all her life, starting at 2 ½ years old. Dance “makes you feel good and elevates your energy. I love dancing with people and elevating energy and good vibes in the room, making people feel good and express themselves. It doesn’t matter what size, shape, or if you have had no experience, or are an experienced dancer, just enjoy and dance,” Ressor said.  

Dance can be intimidating for some people. Phunk Fit is the cardio workout that anybody can do. “It’s about expressing yourself the way you feel, go to class, enjoy the music, and dance, and get a good cardio workout,” Ressor said.  

Ressor has trained over 68 instructors, many who teach here in Utah as well as in five other states.  

“I am a Phunk Fit enthusiast and instructor,” said Jamie Summers Grant. “I love that Phunk Fit encourages us to be comfortable in our bodies and move the way we need to. The music used is original by the artists and untouched. Many of the choreographed songs include a freeflow where we move the way our body needs to move. I can move my own way and feel confident in that. Phunk Fit is something that anyone will enjoy. I am able to release energy through movement. I am an instructor because I want to share this joy that I feel when I dance with others. I have moved out of Utah, and I want to create the same supportive culture that I felt in Sarah’s classes.” 

Classes are held around the valley in Draper, South Jordan, Cottonwood Heights, Murray, Millcreek and Salt Lake City. For schedule information, visit