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New incentive program aims to attract GSD subs

Dec 01, 2021 02:20PM ● By Bill Hardesty

Granite School District implements a bonus incentive program for substitute teachers. (Photo from Pixabay)

By Bill Hardesty | [email protected]

Granite School District (GSD) announced an incentive program to attract and keep substitute teachers in late October.

"We are always exploring options to ensure we deliver on what students and staff need," Richard Nye, district superintendent, said. "I implore anyone who has even considered the job of a substitute teacher to take a look at all Granite has to offer."

The program

The program will pay a bonus to substitute teachers as they hit milestones: hourly subs who complete at least five jobs in one month will be given a $50 bonus on top of regular pay; hourly subs who complete at least 10 jobs in one month will be given a $100 bonus on top of regular pay; and hourly subs who complete at least 15 jobs or more in one month will be given a $150 bonus on top of regular pay.

The first payout was Nov. 1 based on substitute teachers' October jobs. The program is ongoing through the remaining school year. For example, a substitute teacher who works 15 jobs every month will get a $150 bonus each month.

GSD decided to install the bonus program rather than raise base pay.

"We have a set budget and don't have the ability to increase wages long term. We do have lots of one-time money that can help address this problem short term," Ben Horsley, chief of staff, said.

The situation

Horsley describes the situation as "very serious."

"While we have a larger amount of substitutes in our pool and are filling more positions than ever on a daily basis, the demand and need for personal and sick leave has gone up by over 50% even over last year," Horsley said.

On average, GSD uses 300-350 substitutes each day. When a substitute teacher can't be found, some district-level employees can step in. In other cases, the school's administration steps in. A final choice is to pay regular teaches a stipend who step in during their prep period.

The pay

A substitute teacher's pay is based on the education obtained and the length of the assignment.

For a person with a high school diploma, the hourly pay is $14.14 ($98.98 per seven hour day). For persons with an associate degree or two years of college, the rate moves to $14.67 ($102.69/day). For a licensed teacher or holder of a master's degree, the rate raises $15.52 ($108.64). A retired teacher is paid $18.29 ($128.03).

If the assignment is 40 to 89 days, the rate is $20.93 ($146.51). If the job is 90 or more days, the rate tops out at $26.86 ($188.02).

Substitute pay scales differ between school districts.

"We find that most of our subs are also in other local district sub-pools, so they will pick and choose opportunities based on the distance to travel and grade level of the sub-job offered," Horsley said.

The opportunity

According to the GSD website: "Substitute teachers are an integral part of the educational process in Granite School District. They have the opportunity to support the student educational experience. Principals, district administrators, and classroom teachers greatly appreciate the valuable work substitute teachers provide." 

Horsley described the ideal candidate as "someone looking for a flexible job, that enjoys being around kids. You get to pick where and when you want to pick up a shift/job and can filter for certain grade levels or locations to meet your needs."

He added, "This is more than just a job but an opportunity to serve your community and support our children in their education."

To apply, call the Human Resources Department at 385-646-4511.