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Students bring energy to ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ at Olympus High

Nov 08, 2021 02:47PM ● By Rachel Dalrymple

“Little Shop of Horrors” cast dance in the closing act. (Rachel Dalrymple/City Journals)

By Rachel Dalrymple | [email protected]

There was humor, horror and high emotion as the students of Olympus High brought their A-game to “Little Shop of Horrors” on opening night. This musical about an evil plant’s plot to take over the world, starting with one small florist shop, was led by student director Lizzie Brooks, a junior at Olympus High.

“Little Shop of Horrors” has been described as a sci-fi comedy rock musical. The story has something for everyone with its high-energy musical numbers, lovable characters and a quirky, villainous plant. It was the perfect show for the Halloween season, and it showcased the range and skill of Olympus High students. 

On opening night, senior Hanna Nilson shone in the leading role of Audrey, with Taylor Roberts playing opposite her in the lead role of Seymour, the botanist. Being an acting veteran, Hanna looked entirely at home on the stage as Audrey. Little Shop of Horrors was Hanna’s fifth show at Olympus High, but her 10th show overall.  

Hanna’s performance brought the role of Audrey to life, making the character feel sincere, emotional and complex. Together, Taylor and Hanna brought an endearing and genuine quality to Audrey and Seymour’s connection. 

Zach Tragakis played Mr. Mushnik, the grumpy owner of the floral shop that quickly transforms into a “little shop of horrors” as their dangerous new plant grows larger...and hungrier for human blood. 

Zach discussed playing the role of Mushnik. He said, “It was really fun to really get into the character and just experience that new perspective. And it was really fun to get eaten by the plant. It was a really great role.”

A performance like “Little Shop of Horrors” can only come together when supported by a solid crew. Olympus High’s technical team and stage crew did not disappoint. The set design and lighting contributed to the fun energy and eeriness of the story. 

One of the most memorable parts of the musical was Luke Allen’s delightfully chilling performance as Orin the evil, motorcycle-riding dentist. With his frequent cackling and high-energy physical acting, Luke sent shivers down the audience’s spines and showed his skill in bringing a villain to life. 

Other standout performances included senior, Beyonca Davis’ role as the leading Ronette. Her vocal performance wowed the audience and brought a fantastic energy to the show. Each of the Ronette’s delighted the audience with their singing, dancing and humor. 

Gwen Anderson and Kai Kupukaa similarly added to the high-quality nature of the show as they teamed up to bring the evil plant to life, Gwen as puppeteer and Kai as the voice of the plant. After Kai’s impressive voice acting, the plant’s cries of  “feed me” won’t be soon forgotten. Gwen’s puppeteering skills made the plant’s movements, especially as it grew larger and larger, feel increasingly lifelike and ominous. 

Each member of the cast brought such energy to their singing, dancing, and acting. The talent at Olympus High is admirable, and the community has much to look forward to from future performances.