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Holladay pets of the month love walks and each other

Sep 07, 2021 03:05PM ● By Sona Schmidt Harris

Ruby and Quincy are “joined at the hip almost,” Camille Stoll said. (Photo courtesy of Camille Stoll)

By Sona Schmidt-Harris | [email protected]

When Camille Stoll and her family adopted Ruby, a miniature Australian shepherd, they were not quite prepared for her energy. The breed is highly intelligent, and the Stoll family was not sure of all that was needed to keep such a pup happy. Then along came Quincy, and everything changed.

“They’re just joined at the hip almost,” Stoll said.

Quincy is a miniature poodle with a soothing presence not only for Ruby, but for humans as well.

Ruby is 11 months old, and Quincy is two years old. “I haven’t had either one of them for even a year yet,” Stoll said.

Both dogs are unusually attractive. Ruby with her golden eyes, and Quincy with his soft demeanor could pull almost anybody into their worlds.

Ruby loves her family. “She is very affectionate and very loyal. She just follows me around and sticks by me and watches over me. I don’t know if that is part of her being a shepherd, but she’s always there,” Stoll said.  

For as loyal as Ruby can be, she can get into mischief. “She does not like to be in trouble,” Stoll said. “If she thinks that she is in trouble, she will slink off to a corner and tuck her tail.”

Quincy does not like to be separated from Ruby.

Both like to go just about anywhere in the car. “When I get leashes out, they get really excited.  Quincy just about goes bananas,” Stoll said.

“We downloaded an app called All Trails, and it will show all these nearby walking trails in the area—not necessarily hiking trails, but just places to walk. We’ve been trying a lot of new places to go out and walk. They love it.”

Whatever Holladay’s furriest residents enjoy, please remember that they must be licensed. In the City Code, it states: 8.04.020: LICENSE REQUIRED; AGE OF ANIMALS: Any person owning, possessing or harboring any dog, cat or ferret within the city shall obtain a license for such animal within thirty (30) days after the animal reaches the age of four (4) months, or, in the case of a dog, cat or ferret over four (4) months of age, within thirty (30) days of the acquisition of ownership or possession of the animal by said person. (Ord. 2012-16, 6-21-2012)

Love your pets both with your heart and your head.