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Pet spotlight: Rescued dog Auburn reportedly loves walks and her adoptive family the Bradneys

Jun 10, 2021 01:51PM ● By Sona Schmidt Harris

Sixteen pounds of “pure muscle,” Auburn knows she has a good gig at the Bradneys. (Photo courtesy of Audra Bradney)

By Sona Schmidt-Harris | [email protected]

Our canine residents are subject to Title 8 of the Holladay Code of Ordinances. However, it is reported that most of them are just too happy to care.

One such resident is Auburn, a Chiweenie (a mix between a Dachshund and Chihuahua). “They have the perfect balance of energy to play for hours and sleep for hours like most dogs,” owner and family member Audra Bradney said. “They are a small dog breed with a big personality.”

Though smart. spunky and loyal, Auburn needs a lot of attention at times. “She will only eat her food when my husband, my son and myself are in the house with her,” Bradney said. “This isn’t something we trained her to do. I think she just feels comfortable when all of us are at the house together, that she feels relaxed enough to eat.” 

Auburn loves to go on walks, so much so, that the Bradneys must spell out W-A-L-K. If Auburn hears the word, she’ll get “so fired up that she’ll start spinning around, jumping and whining until the leash is attached and we’re out the door,” Bradney said. Auburn also likes car rides with the family and any trail sojourn.

As most dogs, Auburn does not like trips to the vet. Other turnoffs include loud noises like fireworks, knocking, doorbells and beeping. She is also not fond of things out of the ordinary.

Auburn arrived at the Bradney house in 2013 when she was rescued from an Oregon shelter. Ever since then, she has followed them wherever they go. 

Though Auburn enjoys being part of a family, she feels no desire to have her own pups (she was “fixed” when the Bradneys adopted her).

Sixteen pounds of “pure muscle,” Auburn knows she has a good gig at the Bradneys. They love her in return. “She has such a lovable personality and she will often do funny things, just her being her, that will make us giggle,” Bradney said. “She makes our family feel complete.”