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Cottonwood High’s athletes and coaches find reasons to celebrate

May 27, 2020 12:25PM ● By Ryanne Riet

Cottonwood High's baseball team. (Photo courtesy Granite School District)

By Ryanne Riet | [email protected]

Throughout the country many high school sports athletic programs and athletes have had to cancel their 2020 season due to school shutdowns.

At Cottonwood High School, things are not much different from that.

Greg Southwick is the athletic director and head golf coach at Cottonwood High.

“It has been difficult, especially for the seniors,” Southwick said. “Like all athletes they understood they were among many who were making sacrifices for a better cause.”

Many senior athletes were already identified by college scouts prior to the shutdown. However, some were affected more than others.

The Cottonwood High baseball team has felt the effects from the shutdown significantly.

“All of our seniors are suffering the impact from this,” head baseball coach Jason Crawford said. “From a player looking to improve his position in the draft, to players looking for college scholarships.”

After the team returned home from playing in the Boras Classic in Arizona, they learned that the rest of their short season would come to a halt.

There has been plenty of good to counteract the shutdown in the 2019-2020 school season for Cottonwood High’s athletics.

Head baseball coach Jason Crawford was named Utah Baseball Coach of the Year by UHSAA.

Another positive event this year was girls golf MVP Aleigha Beverly qualified to compete in the state championship.

On the Cottonwood soccer field, next year’s team is already getting their preparations together to honor the 2020 seniors whose season was cut short.

“Practice hard and play hard,” head boys soccer coach Dominic Militello said. “The best way for us to do that is put even more off-season work and come out ready to roll next spring.”