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SoHo Food Park is a happening Holladay hangout

Jul 30, 2019 04:09PM ● By Sona Schmidt Harris

The Nadauld family loves the variety at SoHo Food Park. (Sona Schmidt-Harris/City Journals)

By Sona Schmidt-Harris | [email protected]

On a hot July evening, SoHo Food Park in Holladay is crowded despite the heat. People of all ages approach several food trucks for an array of dinner choices. Upbeat music drifts across the umbrellaed seating.

Established in 2015, the park features four to six food trucks for each meal offered.  

Three partners, Craig Hale, Ben Hale and Shree Sharma, own the park.

Donning a Utah Jazz T-shirt, co-owner Ben Hale sits casually among the patrons. He would like people to know that “it’s a really fun place to be. The food trucks are just half of what SoHo is. The other half is that it’s a gathering place. Everything that we do here is about having a nice time, fun experience and just being with cool people.”

Suzy Thai Food truck is one of the “meals on wheels” providing varied selections. The main chef, Suzy, is from Thailand and has been cooking her dishes for 50 years. According to her, their autograph offering is the massaman, consisting of coconut cream–based curry with chicken, peanuts, carrots, potatoes, onions and cashews served over Thai jasmine rice.

Also among the brightly colored trucks is Jamaica’s Kitchen. An imposing and soft-spoken man, owner Donovan Thompson said his signature dish is the jerk chicken described on the menu as “chicken quarters marinated in our special jerk seasoning then grilled to perfection.”

For a cool treat, the SoHo Sno Shack offers snow cones, fresh lime or an iced tea slush.

Customers say it’s all about selection at the SoHo Food Park.

Patron Suzy Mackay said, “I like the outdoors and the music and the variety. It’s about atmosphere.” Mackay had her two dogs in tow, which are welcome to the park provided they are leashed. Mackay, who does not live in the area, comes once or twice a summer.

The Nadauld family sits with both contentment and anticipation — contentment because they are together and out to dinner, and anticipation because they are waiting for their food.  

Father James Nadauld said, “We love the selection. There is something for everybody in our family. It’s a one-stop-shop; it makes it really easy.”

Son Kirobo Nadauld said, “They have food for everybody.”

Added Kate Nadauld said, “It’s nice to sit outside.”

Other food truck visitors include Captain Len’s BBQ, El Sarten Burger, Maize, Pompeii Pastaz, Cup Bop, Haute Burgers, Noemi’s Catering and SOBE Eats. The food trucks alternate on different days.

SoHo Food Park season usually begins in April and ends in early fall.  The park is open rain or shine Monday through Saturday.

Dinner is available Monday through Saturday, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Lunch is available Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday is open for breakfast from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Soho Food Park is located at 4747 S. Holladay Boulevard in Holladay.

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