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Holladay sees crime drop in first quarter of 2019

Jun 04, 2019 02:45PM ● By Justin Adams

(Justin Adams/The City Journals)

By Justin Adams | [email protected]

A quarterly report produced by the Holladay precinct of the Unified Police Department shows a noticeable drop in crime compared to recent years. 

The precinct recorded a total of 924 cases from January to March, down from an average of 1,079 the previous three years, including a four-year high of 1,114 cases in the first quarter of last year.  

While a large amount of the decrease is attributed to fewer cases related to traffic or public order, many more “serious” crimes saw decreases as well.

Drug-related cases saw a 53% drop, from 26 cases in 2018 to 12 in 2019. The city also had a third fewer burglary cases, going from 33 down to 22. Stolen vehicles also saw a drop, from 40 to 28.

The rate of violent crimes in Holladay continues to be quite low as well. The precinct reports 22 assaults, 2 kidnappings and 0 homicides in the first quarter of 2019. 

Keeping track of these figures from year to year is an important part of how the department operates, said Holladay Precinct Chief Justin Hoyal. 

“We keep track of statistics so we know where we’re at so we can plan and adjust our practices to make the community safe,” he said. 

While the department can see trends in the data, the cause of the trends is often a mystery.

“Can I put my finger on exactly what’s driving it? No,” said Hoyal. “Could it be the winter months? We had a cold heavy snowy weather. Could that have forced people to stay inside? That could be a factor. Could it be that we’re seeing a better economy? That could play into it.”

Hoyal credits increased involvement between the department and the Holladay community with the decrease in crime. 

“Working together is the most important factor in law enforcement. We have to engage with the community so we’re aware of issues as they’re coming on so we can stay ahead of them when they do happen,” he said.

One of the areas Hoyal would like to see improve is speeding in school zones, saying they have received many complaints in the last few weeks. 

“We would ask that as people are going through those school zones that they be cognizant of what’s around them. Watch for the kids. Watch for the flashing lights. Watch for the crossing guards and school buses.”

The department produced an informational video about school zone safety for its Facebook page, which Hoyal noted is a good resource for Holladay residents to stay up to date with public safety issues in the city.

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