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Calling all Photographers - City Journals Cover Photo Contest

May 06, 2019 11:11AM ● By Justin Adams
The City Journals finds itself in need of a new cover photos for our social media accounts. We could go out and take one ourselves, but then we thought, "Why not use this as a chance to promote some of the many great local photographers in our community?"


The theme we're going for is: "What does your community look like?" As a network of community newspapers, we want our social media platforms to reflect our communities. So the photo could be of a community event, like a summer festival or service project. It could be of an iconic building in your community, like city hall, a school or a historic landmark. Whatever you think encapsulates your community. 

  • It's a cover photo contest, the photo has to be landscape-oriented. (Hopefully that one is obvious.)
  • The photo has to be taken by you, but it could be a photo you took months or even years ago, as long as it follows the theme.
  • Since we want to use this contest to promote up-and-coming local photographers, feel free to leave a watermark of your logo or your Instagram handle in the corner of the photo so people can find you. 

There are two ways you can submit an entry.
  • Post the picture you want to submit on Instagram, and tag @CityJournals in the caption.
  • Email the picture you want to submit to our digital editor, [email protected].
In addition to the photo, please provide your name, the city the photo was taken in, and (if applicable) the Instagram handle you would like to promote.


We'll be accepting submissions through the end of May, at which point we will start making selections and notifying photographers. We have over a dozen social media pages, so there is room for multiple winners. 

There is also a possibility that winning photographs will be printed in our monthly newspapers, so if you've ever wanted to have your work published in a newspaper, this is your chance.