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Beckie Rock shares her family talent through plein air art

Feb 04, 2019 11:15AM ● By Lindsey Baxter

“Midway Holsteins.” (Courtesy of Beckie Rock)

By Lindsey Baxter | [email protected]

Beckie Rock grew up in Utah surrounded by a family that loved art. You may even say it was instilled in her from birth. She learned most of her art abilities from her mom and sister while learning from some classes as well. She has always had a passion for art and her inspiration is her sister, Bonnie Posselli, a renowned Utah artist. Rock’s mother started to really dive into art after her children were grown, and then Rock followed in her mother’s footsteps, finding her artistic desire after her own children were grown.

The Holladay Arts Council recently named Rock its February Artist of the Month. 

Rock’s favorite piece of work is “Rush Hour in Scipio,” as it brings back great memories of the old days. She loves making art that is of the older days to bring memories out in people. Rock paints with oil paints and can paint from a picture or from being outside and painting plein air. Plein air is when the artist is outside with their paints and paints what they see. Rock loves to paint nature and has visited numerous locations around Utah to paint this way. 

“Plein Air Utah was created by artists to promote the method by giving participants the opportunity to experience plein air painting in Midway, one of Utah's most beautiful rural areas, with instruction from Utah’s top professional plein air painters. I was so happy to be a part of the planning and even happier to be part of the learning,” Rock said.

Rock prefers to stay behind the scenes in the Utah art scene. She designs and maintains several artists’ websites and loves to volunteer her time for the Plein Air Painters of Utah and the Holladay Arts Council. Rock was the one who suggested bringing the Plein Air Holladay event back to Holladay last October; it was a great event with over 20+ artists participating. “It was so much fun to rub shoulders with other artists and see their interpretations of the familiar places in Holladay that I love. I’m excited that the Holladay Arts Council has decided to do it again in 2019,” Rock said.

Rock has a very modest demeanor about her talent and was a bit hesitant to receive this award. She has so much respect for art and artists alike. She likes to create art to trade with other artists to fill her home with a variety of art talent. Rock has a beautiful gallery of her and other local artists’ work, and it is obvious that she has a true love of art.

Rock is a happy woman with a true desire to create art that brings back memories. She loves spending time outside painting. She is extremely humbled to have earned Holladay’s Artist of the Month. 

Although Rock doesn’t have a website, she is available through email at [email protected]

To nominate an Artist of the Month, email [email protected]